About Us

Housing Nova Scotia is a provincial government corporation and is staffed by more than 90 employees who deliver and design programs. The five Housing Authorities report to Housing Nova Scotia and deliver important property management services on our behalf.

Our goal is simple but ambitious: to ensure all Nova Scotians can find a home that’s right for them at a price they can afford in a healthy, vibrant community that offers the services, supports and opportunities they need.

We are a different kind of housing corporation with innovative new approaches shaped to meet Nova Scotia’s needs. Over the coming months and years, we will offer new programs to support a broad range of Nova Scotians.  Like helping new graduates own their own home, adapting homes to help seniors stay in their own home, or with their families, longer.

We’ll also build properties that offer housing options for a broad range of single people and families with a mix of incomes and where community, cultural and commercial space brings new vitality to neighbourhoods and communities.  These will be places where beauty and the environment meet affordability and convenience of transportation.