The Province is investing $197 million to help create more affordable housing options

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The province is creating more affordable housing options for Nova Scotians by investing $197.1 million as part of a federal-provincial agreement to strengthen housing programs.

“We continue to address the specific housing needs for Nova Scotians because everyone deserves a safe, suitable and affordable place to call home. This agreement reflects our two governments working together to provide more affordable housing options to those who depend on it, especially our most vulnerable citizens,” said Chuck Porter, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The province is contributing to a new ten-year agreement for housing with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and will soon release the first three-year action plan under the agreement. The plan will help advance Nova Scotia’s objectives and priorities for affordable housing, allow the province to better serve affordable housing clients and help maintain existing housing programs.

The commitment to preserve and improve the condition of Indigenous urban housing units in the agreement is a new and welcome addition.

“This is a pivotal and defining moment for housing in Nova Scotia. This new housing agreement will make a real difference in the lives of those in greatest need, including youth and individuals who are experiencing homelessness. We are pleased to see the province’s commitment to create more affordable housing options and to support increased capacity of non-profit and co-operative housing providers. We look forward to working with Housing Nova Scotia, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and other partners to implement the National Housing Strategy across Nova Scotia,” said Timothy Crooks, executive director, Phoenix Youth Programs and regional director, Nova Scotia-Canadian Housing and Renewal Association.

Consultations and discussions with key stakeholders and municipalities over the last two years informed the development of the province’s priorities for housing. Through this new federal-provincial agreement, the province and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will invest a combined total of $394.2 million over ten years. In addition to the funding announced today, the Nova Scotia government has invested close to $212 million in housing over the past three years.