Affordable Housing Program for Developers

The Province of Nova Scotia is calling on the private and community housing sectors to submit proposals/applications to build more affordable housing units this year. Housing Nova Scotia will consider proposals for funding allocations under the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) for fiscal year 2021/22.

Applications under this new application process must be received on or before July 15th, 2021 and meet the program’s requirements. To be eligible, projects will need to be started before March 31, 2022.

Successful proponents can receive a capital contribution of up to $50,000 per self-contained unit.

Projects will be evaluated by a review committee and the department is committed to approving successful proposals before October 15, 2021 to ensure the work gets started as soon as possible.

Projects that best align with the National Housing Strategy and provincial priorities will score the highest.

To apply, download this fillable application form:

AHP Application Form 2021

Proponents who have applied under the National Housing Co-Investment Fund (NHCF) are not eligible under the Affordable Housing Program. However, HNS will soon invite proposals under a new funding stream dedicated to support NHCF applications.


Program Overview

The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) provides a capital contribution of up to $50,000 per self-contained residential unit as forgivable loan to support the development of new affordable rental housing in communities. Proponents must be a non-profit, co-operative, or private company registered and in good standing.

Eligible projects include new construction, preservation of vacant rental units, and conversion of existing structures. The AHP contribution allows housing developers to achieve rents that are below average market rents for the local community in which the project is located.

HNS provides funding for up to half the units in a project to maintain a desirable income mix; however, other ratios can be considered. Project minimum is 4 self-contained residential units. Exceptions may be made for projects in rural communities. HNS will consider all AHP proposals but is under no obligation to approve every application submitted for funding under the program.

Successful applicants will be informed via a formal Conditional Funding Approval Letter issued by Housing Nova Scotia. Projects under construction/renovation prior to formal funding approval are not eligible for consideration for funding under the Affordable Housing Program.

Housing Nova Scotia may require additional information to assess your application for funding at any time during the proposal review process. If that is the case, HNS staff will contact you.


For more information, email us at (this email address is only for inquiries relating to new construction, renovation of vacant rental units, and/or conversion of non-residential space into affordable rental units)