Community Housing Capacity Building Program

Community Housing Capacity Building Program

Co-operative and non-profit housing providers can apply for funding for projects that help them build capacity to provide sustainablle affordable housing.

Government is committed to meeting the needs of low-to modest-income Nova Scotians and building safe, connected communities through strategic partnerships with housing co-operatives and non-profit housing providers.

A main objective of the 2019-2022 Housing Action Plan is to strengthen the community housing sector to help preserve existing affordable housing and increase supply.

The Community Housing Capacity Building Program aims to:

  • stabilize and preserve community housing assets to ensure co-ops and non-profits continue to offer access to safe, suitable and affordable units to low-income households
  • strengthen organizational and governance capacity and strategic planning to ensure growth and long- term operating sustainability of the community housing sector.
  • identify strategic partnership opportunities and leverage federal (external) funding to ensure the community housing sector has the resources it needs to better meet emerging challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Program Eligibility

Eligible Applicant

  • Is a non-profit housing provider, including cooperatives, that owns and operates housing units, is registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks and is currently in good standing;
  • Has a demonstrated need for undertaking capacity building activities under the CHCBP; and,
  • Demonstrates, through its Contribution Agreement with HNS, that it has the appropriate governance structure in place to administer, manage, and report on project outcomes in accordance with requirements set out in the contribution agreement and/or at the request of HNS.

Prioritization of applications is based on:

  1. Community housing organizations with an expiring SHA operating agreement in 2020-2021
  2. Organizations with an expiring SHA operating agreement in subsequent years.
  3. Organizations with an SHA operating agreement that has already expired, or which did not have an SHA operating agreement at any time but demonstrate capacity for future growth.
  4. Organizations that have demonstrated that they have or plan to apply for federal funding targeted to building capacity and transformation in the community housing sector.

To receive funding, selected applicants must enter into a contribution agreement with Housing Nova Scotia that reflects the requirements of the bilateral agreement for contributions for the project. The contribution agreement will set conditions that recipients must meet to obtain funding, enable Housing Nova Scotia to monitor to ensure compliance with those conditions and requirements under the agreement, and include remedies for addressing non-compliance.


Eligible Projects (See Appendix A in Program Guide for definitions)

Projects must align with program priorities. Applications must fully and clearly describe how funding recipients will carry out eligible activities and achieve expected outcomes. You must describe how the project will help advance the provincial outcomes set out in the first 3-year Action Plan.

Eligible activities include:

  • Building Condition Assessment (BCA), including: Structural Engineers Report, Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I and Phase II), Electrical Report, Energy Efficiency Report
  • Asset Management Plan (AMP)
  • Portfolio Review
  • Governance/Operational Review
  • Business Plan

How to apply

You can download a copy of the application here:

Community Housing Capacity Building Program Guidlines & Application

You must submit your completed application form in PDF format by email to

For more information, contact us at (902) 424-6177 or