Access-A-Home Program

This program helps people adapt their homes to become wheelchair accessible. The amount of the grant depends on your income and the maximum amount available is $7,000 forgivable grant.

Am I Eligible?

To qualify for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You or a family member must be a wheelchair user because of a long term disability
  • You or a family member must be expected to be a wheelchair user within the next six months because of a long term disability
  • The modifications must be made to your main/primary home
  • If you do not own your home, you must provide written approval from the owner for the modification

Eligible properties

Your home is eligible for the program as long as it is your primary residence and there are no structural restrictions for making your home wheelchair accessible.

Eligible Repairs

Any additions or alterations made to your home must be permanent and should be made to improve both access and use of basic facilities. Any changes made to your home should also increase the safety of the person using a wheelchair.

The funding can be put toward the cost of materials, labour, taxes and other related costs.  

Ineligible Repairs

Any additions or alterations made to your home before you have received approval are not eligible to be covered by the program funding. The funding is only intended for repairs, alterations and adaptations that are directly related to wheelchair use in your home. Other renovations to your home including supportive care items like portable appliances and aids, are not eligible for program funding.

Get Started

Contact Housing Nova Scotia, one of our staff members will be happy to help. You can call us toll-free at 1-844-424-5110