Land for Housing


The Land for Housing Initiative supports the creation of new supply of affordable housing by making provincially owned land available for housing development. To aid in offsetting some capital costs, land sites considered suitable for housing will be made available to private and community housing developers in return for a commitment to create and maintain several new units at affordable rates. You can view the initial set of land sites that are currently under review here.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing is seeking innovative proposals for affordable housing developments. See the Property Opportunity Notices below for currently available sites and be sure to check back regularly as more sites will continue to be made available. 

See current Property Opportunity Notices


Land will be made available through a competitive process to applicants/projects that meet the following criteria*:

  • Must be, or partner with, a registered Nova Scotia based company
    • Eligible entities include private corporations, co-operative, non-profit societies, and Indigenous governing bodies and organizations pursuing off-reserve housing projects 
  • Organizations must be in good standing with appropriate business licenses in place
  • Previous experience with property development and management, or a project team with demonstrated experience.
  • Depth of affordability proposed in the application (affordable unit rents will not exceed 80% of Average Market Rents around the development); proposals with deeper affordability will be prioritized
  • Proposals must show the financial viability of the project – both construction and operations
  • Ability to meet minimum equity requirements: 20% for private sector, 5% for community housing 
  • Proposals with higher environmental, accessible, and broader socio-economic outcomes will be prioritized
  • Partnerships between community housing developers and private sector are encouraged

*See Partnership Opportunity Notice for full eligibility criteria. Criteria may be subject to change based on specific land sites and communities in which they are located.

All types of proposed housing projects will be considered dependent on the suitability of the various land sites. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Mixed-income, mixed-use, and mixed-tenure projects
  • Single or multi-family dwellings
  • Single room occupancy, co-housing, and micro-units
  • Seniors’ independent living housing (excluding health care or long-term care facilities)
  • Must be primarily residential


Please review the Partnership Opportunity Notices below that specify in greater detail proposal requirements, assessment criteria and timelines, in addition to detail on the available land sites. Proposals received during the submission period for each Partnership Opportunity Notice will be ranked in comparison to other proposals based on the project’s overall suitability.

If you have comments or input on the Land for Housing initiative, please direct those to Please note, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to comments but will take your submissions under consideration.

Questions on specific Partnership Opportunity Notices or proposal submissions may also be directed to Answers that may have material impact on submissions will be compiled and made available on this webpage.

Please review the FAQs for more information.


Partnership Opportunity Notice: Mechanic Street, Springhill
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2022 (5:00 pm AST)
Download Mechanic Street notice (PDF 2.1MB)

Partnership Opportunity Notice: Tremain Crescent, Windsor
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2022 (5:00 pm AST)
Download Tremain Crescent notice (PDF 2MB)

Partnership Opportunity Notice: Queens County
Submission Deadline: September 7, 2022 (5:00 pm AST)
Download Queens County notice (PDF 3MB)

Are you looking for a development partner? If you are a community housing developer (co-operative or non-profit) or private developer and are looking for a partner to develop a housing project related to the Land for Housing Initiative, register on our Partnership Registry. Your information will be published here and made publicly available to others also seeking a partner in a potential development. Partnership Registry lists will be updated weekly.