Programs for Developers of Affordable Housing

Housing Nova Scotia is committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing for low and moderate income Nova Scotians. We provide financial assistance to businesses and not-for-profit organizations for the construction or renovation, and operation of affordable rental housing.  The various levels of partnership we have depend on the project’s needs and our partners’ goals. Collaboration with developers of affordable housing are important in creating innovative solutions to meet our broader social mandate and includes bringing partners together, financial and professional resources, assistance in designing development options and business cases.

Developers can receive a forgivable loan based on the cost of eligible work and the number of self-contained units within a project. The maximum capital contribution is $50,000 per unit and, in some cases, may include all the units within a project. Rent supplements can be provided to ensure new rental housing are affordable to low-income households. Landlords will receive the difference between the rent paid by the tenant and the market rent agreed to under a rental agreement. 

For more information, email us at (this email address is only for inquiries relating to new construction, renovation of vacant rental units, and/or conversion of non-residential space into affordable rental units)



Rental Housing Preservation

This program is designed to rehabilitate existing affordable rental housing in areas where there is a need and where this housing that might otherwise be los

New Rental Housing

This program is for developers who are interested in building new affordable rental units in areas where the population is growing or there is a shortage of