Rental Housing Preservation

This program is designed to rehabilitate existing affordable rental housing in areas where there is a need and where this housing that might otherwise be lost to the rental marketplace.  It provides up to $25,000 per unit in up-front capital funding and up to $25,000 per unit in rent supplement funding over 10 years.

Am I Eligible?

Developers from the non-profit and private sectors may be eligible for this program, developers must submit project proposals to Housing Nova Scotia. Once a project proposal is approved, developers are required to sign an agreement with Housing Nova Scotia stating that the housing will be offered to lower income tenants and remain affordable for at least 15 years.

Get Started

Submitted proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated need
  • Financial viability
  • Financial sustainability
  • Project design
  • Relevancy to the intended tenants and neighbourhoods

Once a decision has been made, Housing Nova Scotia staff will notify developers of approved proposals.

Email us at for more infomration. We will be happy to help.