Programs and Services

Current Programs and Resources

This program supports the purchase of existing multi-unit residential properties to preserve affordable housing.
The Community Housing Growth Fund (CHGF) offers financial resources to support Nova Scotia’s non-profit and co-operative housing sector. It is introduced in answer to the recommendation from the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission.
The Canada-Nova Scotia Targeted Housing Benefit assists eligible low-income households to reduce housing need. It provides a direct-to-household benefit to households in core or severe core housing need in targeted vulnerable populations.
Capital contributions to support the construction of new, innovative affordable rental housing
Cooperative and non-profit housing projects provide affordable housing for lower and moderate income families, seniors and individuals.
The Land for Housing Initiative supports the creation of new supply of affordable housing by making provincially owned land available for housing development.
The Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP) assists Nova Scotians with modest incomes buy their first home
This program supports shelters for women, children and youth who are victims of family violence.
Programs for low-income persons with disabilities.
Programs to help landlords offer safe and affordable housing for lower income households.
Programs to help lower income households maintain safe and affordable housing.
Programs to help seniors stay in their homes.