Community Housing Acquisition Program

Community Housing Acquisition Program

The Community Housing Acquisition Program (CHAP) supports the purchase of existing multi-unit residential properties by community housing providers to preserve affordable housing and expand the supply of non-market housing.

Funding is available as a fixed-interest rate repayable loan. Variable terms of up to 30 years are available. Maximum loan amount available is $10 million per project amortized over a maximum of 30-years.


Funding is available to organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Be a non-profit society, charity or housing cooperative registered and in good standing with Joint Stocks in any Canadian province or territory authorized to do business in Nova Scotia
  • Must have real estate management experience or plan to engage professional property management services
  • Can provide a 5% equity contribution*

*The program can provide up to 95% financing toward the purchase of an eligible property; up to 100% may be available for supportive housing projects that receive funding from the Department of Community Services. 


Financing is available to assist in the purchase of existing multi-unit properties that meet the following requirements:

  • Contain a minimum of 5 self-contained units or private rooms in a rooming house. 
  • Have at least 30% of existing units with rents at or below the average market rent for similar unit size in the immediate area
  • Properties that include commercial space are eligible, if it does not exceed 30% of the total square footage of the building. 

Residential care, student residences, long-term care facilities, and projects that require rezoning or conversion/redevelopment are not eligible for funding under this program.


Applications are assessed and approved for funding on a first come, first serve basis, allowing the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing to be responsive to the financing conditions in Purchase and Sale Agreements.

Applications should include the following documents and information:

  • Proponent information including non-profit status, names of board members and senior management team 
  • Description of property management experience or confirmation of partnership with an experienced and qualified property management services business
  • Property description including PID, address, and data supporting the need for affordable rental housing in the area
  • A copy of the realtor listing cut
  • Copies of annual tax bill, insurance bill, and utility bill(s) for the last 24 months
  • A copy of the Purchase and Sale Agreement (if available)
  • Building Condition Assessment prepared by a qualified consultant that indicates the property is at least in fair condition 
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1) prepared by an independent consultant
  • Property appraisal 
  • Financial information including the amount of funding requested, source and amount of proponent’s equity contribution, and proforma for the next 5 years
  • Confirmation of DCS funding for supportive housing projects

Other documents or information may be required.

All applications will be evaluated on several elements including: 

  • Financial viability of project
  • Proponent capacity to undertake project
  • Readiness for acquisition
  • Proportion of affordable units obtained compared to financing requested
  • Demonstrated short and long-term demand
  • Proponent equity contribution
  • Accessibility and energy efficiency features

Program Documents 

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Before you apply, please review the CHAP Program and Application Guide provided above. If you have any questions or need assistance completing an application, please email:


Are you looking for a development partner? If you are a community housing developer (co-operative or non-profit) or private developer and are looking for a partner to develop a housing project related to this program, register on our Partnership Contact List. Your information will be published here and made publicly available to others also seeking a partner in a potential development. Partnership Contact lists will be updated when new entries are received.