Rooming House Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program

This program provides financial assistance to owners of rooming houses with accessible rent for people with lower incomes. This program is available across Nova Scotia.


This program funds repairs and modifications to make sure Nova Scotians have access to affordable housing.

Am I Eligible?

Owners of rooming houses that are intended as permanent accommodations for tenants can apply for funding if the rates for bed units are at or below market level. Additionally, the property must lack basic facilities or need major repairs to one or more of the following areas:

  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Fire Safety

Eligible Repairs

Only repairs required to bring rooming houses up to minimum levels of health and safety are eligible to be covered with program funding. Once the repairs have been made, the rooming house should remain livable for an additional 15 years, assuming normal care and maintenance is done.

Ineligible Repairs

Any work that is carried out before approval for program funding is received is not eligible to be covered.

Financial Assistance Available

Financial assistance is provided in the form of a fully forgivable loan. Landlords must agree to place a ceiling on the rental amounts after the repairs are completed to ensure the units remain accessible to lower income tenants. The amount of assistance available is based on the cost of the mandatory repairs.

The maximum amount of funding available per bed unit is $16,000. Any additional repairs are the responsibility of the owner to pay for.

Get Started

For more program information, call 1-844-424-5110 (toll-free).